Listed below are just some of the people who have found Brick Freedom a useful service.

"Absolutely Great - Just what I needed and was looking for. The developer works with users in developing the site and how it works - cant wait to see what he does next!"

AlphabricksUK Logo
49 months actively syncing stores
3,312 orders processed

"We pick up to 25 orders at the same time with BrickFreedom (BF). Making those labels before the integration with ShipStation was time consuming and tedious. The NEW integration has virtually made the process a click and print for all our labels. Allowing us to pick more orders and provide a more reliable assurance to our customers that they get their order quickly.

The problems with the old system included copy and pasting of address, setting weights and adding the order # to each label. The NEW ShipStation integration button creates all that information for us with click, saving us over an hour of manual process and improves quality assurance.

Thank you for working with us to make the label making process simple and painless. A great addition to the already great service from BrickFreedom!"

Acorn04 Logo
41 months actively syncing stores
25,339 orders processed

"A simple easy to use application which seamlessly integrates my inventory between my 2 stores. Couldn't live without it!.. Long may it continue and my thanks to Steve for all his hard work and continued work to improve and add to the functionality."

Technicology Logo
43 months actively syncing stores
15,475 orders processed

"Excellent site that allows me to sell across Bricklink and Brickowl seamlessly. Top notch customer service too whenever I have run into problems."

One Stop Bricky Logo
One Stop Bricky
42 months actively syncing stores
7,805 orders processed

"I have been using Brick Freedom Since Late 2021 and I cannot express how happy I am with the Service! Brick Freedom gives me the opportunity to connect my Bricklink and Brick Owl Stores together with minimal effort on my part, and has allowed me to grow my business. Brick Freedom is constantly being upgraded with new robust features and integrations by an Awesome and Hands on Owner. I cannot Recommend Brick Freedom enough!"

Enchanted Bricks Logo
Enchanted Bricks
31 months actively syncing stores
1,942 orders processed

"I have been using Brick Freedom Since Late 2022 and I am very happy with the Service Steve provides
Brick Freedom allows me to seamlessly connect my Bricklink and Brick Owl Stores together with minimal effort on my part, and has helped me increase my monthly sales.
I am able to pick multiple orders at once and this feature alone saves me a ton of time.
The Developer is very active on the Brick Freedom Discord and is very quick to answer and questions or concerns"

zebrasbricks Logo
19 months actively syncing stores
3,776 orders processed

"Been with Brick Freedom from the start and helped mold it into what it is today! Support is fantastic and It has worked flawlessly for years! I would trust any other sync software! If I ever had a question Steve was on top of it within 24 hours if not sooner. Highly Recommended!"

Brick-Slayer Logo
46 months actively syncing stores
5,584 orders processed

"Great function, allows me to mirror my shop. Thank you!"

Ruhrbrick Logo
7 months actively syncing stores

"Been using this service for over 2 years as a USA seller. Definitely worth using this software not only to integrate your inventory on Bricklink and Brick Owl, but for Brick Stock Merge. The fees to use this are very reasonable and will easily pay for themselves in your first month."

studcitybricks Logo
41 months actively syncing stores
5,470 orders processed

"Brick Freedom Is a very good program so far. The developer is easily accessible if there’s any problems. In addition to that, picking multiple orders at the same time it’s a huge advantage."

hypersync Logo
13 months actively syncing stores
3,535 orders processed

"Great service, easy to navigate. Exactly as promised."

garynicki Logo
14 months actively syncing stores
2,358 orders processed

"This is a very useful website, I use it to manage my store more easily, and also learn a lot of knowledge through this website! For example, completing two orders at the same time is something I haven't tried before. There is also the function of synchronizing two websites which saves me a lot of time and effort."

Harrywang Logo
15 months actively syncing stores
453 orders processed

"Great tool to get reporting and sync between Bricklink & Brickowl.
Previously I was using a free service but it didn't sync all the possible elements/pricing parts and this is where Brickfreedom offers the full solution.. I was sceptical at first but if you are serious about growing your Lego selling empire you need to consider this!"

frimp Logo
17 months actively syncing stores
1,216 orders processed

"Just what I needed!"

Area 51 Bricks Logo
Area 51 Bricks
21 months actively syncing stores

"French store of New LEGO Parts ! Welcome here ;)"

Echo01x Logo
16 months actively syncing stores
1,028 orders processed

"BrickFreedom saves me so many hours of picking multiple orders. Can recommend."

LucavanB Logo
20 months actively syncing stores
267 orders processed

"Great product. We mainly use Brickfreedom for syncing our bricklink and brickowl stock. We the power prices of these days the fee is really fair as well! We also use the automatic feedback and we add our tracking true this software. For us it saves us tons of time and it is a great reliable service! Always in development too with new functions added, and if you ever need any help they are quick to respond on discord. 9/10 for us, and intergration with post Denmark would make it absolute perfect for us :-)"

DKbricks Logo
34 months actively syncing stores
3,596 orders processed

"Brick freedom is a great way to sell bricks"

Ambrellabricks Logo
18 months actively syncing stores
1,272 orders processed

"A super simple and easy way to sync inventories, fulfill orders, and view store statistics! I love it!"

Xempt Logo
34 months actively syncing stores
1,545 orders processed

"Brick Freedom was so easy to set up. Not being technical at all I was apprehensive if I could make this work and sync my stores. It was so effortless I was amazed that I could do this also it was very quick.
I love the reports I am seeing my sales in a whole new way. Definitely 5 stars
Thank You Brick Freedom."

kaydee21 Logo
20 months actively syncing stores

"I was hesitant when I switched from Bricksync to BrickFreedom, because it is scary to switch synchronisation tools in general. But I am already happy I did! The switch was very easy, and I am already loving the ton of extra features.

Also they are very responsive, helpful, and willing to further improve the product and listen to suggestions."

pollie1213 Logo
20 months actively syncing stores

"Have been using BF for 14 months now and it's amazing. Steve has listened to suggestions and is always adding great updates. Would highly recommend to anyone. Even if you're only using Bricklink/Brickowl and not syncing inventories, the features it provides are 2nd to none. Well worth my 1% each month!"

33 months actively syncing stores
11,586 orders processed

"A great cost effective service. Simple to use, simple to integrate. The picking list makes pulling multiple orders from stock seamless. The platform is constantly developing and changing to meet sellers needs. The developer takes sellers views and opinions into consideration when implementing and reviewing a feature of Brick Freedom. Would recommend for anyone who wants to use one inventory across the Bricklink and Brickowl platforms."

The Brick Depot Logo
The Brick Depot
40 months actively syncing stores
1,131 orders processed

"Brickfreedom has just been such a help in the whole fulfillment proces. It's great to see they're open to suggestions and continue to improve. I've gone from printing out every order to picking multiple orders in one go on my tablet, it saves me a lot of time and I make a lot less mistakes. Highly recommend Brickfreedom over other synchronising platforms (i've tried them all) they're the best and offer so much more."

Tinto_Bricks Logo
27 months actively syncing stores
530 orders processed

"Brick Freedom has given me the option of selling on 2 platforms. I would not have been able to do this without. The amount of extra income I gain is far more than the 1% it costs. Very much recommend it"

Michiel de Wit Logo
Michiel de Wit
22 months actively syncing stores
2,240 orders processed

"Brickfreedom helped me a lot as i now have the same optical packing list for bricklink and brickowl and i have the included sync, so i do not have to work on anymore, so more time to grow"

23 months actively syncing stores
6,669 orders processed